Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wish You Could YouTUBE?

Is there content on YouTube you wish your students had access too? There is a solution to this problem. YouTube has excellent learning material but for as much good as it has it is full of content that is not appropriate. For this reason YouTube is unavailable. This can be solved buy pulling the appropriate videos off of YouTube and posting them on TeacherTube. TeacherTube is a monitored site that has restrictions on what can be hosted and is therefore an acceptable site. This can be done by setting up an account on TeacherTube and Uploading the files. The first step is to remove the files from YouTube first. This can be done by using a program called ZAMZAR. For instructions go to SADWIKI .


Petro said...

Another easy way to get the files off of YouTube is to use Firefox as your browser and under Tools, choose Add-ons and search for Download Helper. Once you install this add on you will be able to download any YouTube video directly to an .flv file.

Douglas Sadler said...

Thanks for the tip:

I will add your comments to the SADWIKI posting for the instructions to this solution. Thanks for contributing!

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