Thursday, March 27, 2008

The One Way Email Address (Dropbox)

Do you every wish you could give out your email address to students so they can submit assignments electronically? Although this can save time and be a great convenience it can be a problem too. Perhaps you don't want to give your address out to students or you would rather not be subjected to the interesting user names your students find appropriate, but are not!

This can be easily done with a Gmail account and an address provided by your Google Docs. Full instructions can be found at .


Douglas Sadler said...

Teacher Comment: Problem here is most of our computers at school don't have Word, Excel or PowerPoint on them . . .


I have a solution for that problem but it is still early to see if it is viable. I would like to try having students setup an account with GOOGLE Docs. Students would have access to WORD, EXCEL, and POWERPOINT on the web for free at school or home. They can also upload their work from the original program.

Try this link out.

Let me know what you think.

sean radigan said...

My concern is the students who do not have access to a computer in a regular basis.

Douglas Sadler said...

This is a problem for all of our web resources. We need to identify these students privately and assure they can access a computer lab before school, during lunch, or after school. Exceptions may have to be made.

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