Thursday, February 28, 2008

Computer use may not help students (National Post, 27 Feb 2008, Page A5)

Computer use may not help students
BY KEITH BONNELL Canwest News Service
National Post
27 Feb 2008

Filling classrooms with computers does not seem to be making students any smarter and may actually be harming the education of younger children, a new report suggests. The analysis questions the millions of dollars that are being spent each year by... read more...

This is not a new debate. Technology is always under fire to justify the cost and proposed results. Technology needs to be a tool in education and not the focus of education.

Most teachers these days are digital immigrants and not digital residents like our students. Perhaps we are not getting the results we expect from our technology because we need more resources diverted to training and support for these tools.

You are the experts what is your opinion?

To Facebook or Not to Facebook?

Is It Time We Delve Into the World Of FACEBOOK?

Many of our students have been "face booking" for years! Now the police are starting to have a presence on the web as they are starting to use FACEBOOK to investigate crimes. Read this article in the Windsor Star. If our students are into Facebook and now the police are starting to train their officers on how to use it isn't it high time Educators are well versed in the world of Social Networking?

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