Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Institute -GET CONNECTED

Get Connected with Technology!
ICT Summer Institute Presents

This workshop is open to out of board participants. Email

Will Richardson will discuss how teachers and administrators can use the web to enrich your classroom activities. Learn how to use the web to work more efficiently and create your own network for research and resource sharing. Will is a former teacher and uses his experience to provide practical examples of web 2.0 classroom solutions.

In Addition:

On August 22nd Doug Sadler will run two hands on workshops where teachers can focus on just a few web 2.0 tools that can be used in class.

August 22nd (AM - CEC) The Wonderful World of WIKIS

Doug will spend the morning walking teachers through the use of Wikis in the classroom. Wikis are collaborative web sites that can be used for information dissemination or actual interaction with students such as threaded discussions in a controlled environment. In order to build a wiki you will need 7 minutes and access to a browser, that's it! Teachers are using wikis for class web pages, discussion groups, peer editing, homework boards, calendars and access to resources. Come out and build yours!

Register at PD Place 1852

August 22nd (PM - CEC) Google Applications, Tools 2 Go for your Students

Whether you use them for yourself or apply them in your class Google Applications is a must have for you! Google applications (Google Apps) are free online tools that allow you to create, store, edit, and share Word, Powerpoint, and Excel files online. No more usb drives, no more wordperfect, no more out of disk space. Want to conduct an online quiz/test with no fuss? Sign up and find out how.

We offer a student version of Google Apps where your students will have access to the same tools but in a controlled online site. Students can share files, peer edit, and collaborate in one space. Learn how Google Apps can work for you.

Register at PD Place 1853

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Google Docs Updates!

Google Docs had updated again! Big surprise I bet. Users can now upload and share .pdf files but may not edit them at this point. Editing will be a big plus but a great step forward.

  • Upload, preview & share PDFs
    One of our top feature requests is now implemented: upload, preview and share PDFs in Google Docs! Click the Upload button in the Docs list to get started. While you can't yet edit PDFs, you can at least select text to copy & paste elsewhere. You can also share PDFs just like you can share your regular Google Docs. Learn more.
    Upload, preview & share PDFs

Monday, June 2, 2008

ClassMouse VS Student Link 2


Currently our board licenses Student Link 2. Student Link 2 is a simple menu system that gets elementary students to thousands of appropriate, curriculum - based web sites as quickly as possible. There is a link for Staff in the Staff Portal which contains special resources, links, grading materials, and lessons that are all categorized. For ease of use there is also a student version link to Student Link 2 just for Students which is located in the Student Portal. WECDSB has used this resource for years.

Recently a new product to compete with Student Link 2 has come to my attention. There are some similarities and there are some differences but that is where you come in. I would like you to use our board's test login to access ClassMouse and check it out. Post your comments on this blog (anonymous or not is up to you!). Hearing good or bad feedback is just as valuable. I can't see the board paying for both systems so please tell me which one you like the best and I will take the findings to our Administration to consider. Feel free to download as much of the material as you see fit. Be sure to view it as a teacher and as one of your students. The same link will take you to the STAFF and STUDENT login. Content is important but so ease of use. Check it out!



How do I check out what ClassMouse is all about??

1. Goto
2. Enter Username: Windsor
3. Password: Staff

Don't forget to post your comments here!

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