Monday, June 2, 2008

ClassMouse VS Student Link 2


Currently our board licenses Student Link 2. Student Link 2 is a simple menu system that gets elementary students to thousands of appropriate, curriculum - based web sites as quickly as possible. There is a link for Staff in the Staff Portal which contains special resources, links, grading materials, and lessons that are all categorized. For ease of use there is also a student version link to Student Link 2 just for Students which is located in the Student Portal. WECDSB has used this resource for years.

Recently a new product to compete with Student Link 2 has come to my attention. There are some similarities and there are some differences but that is where you come in. I would like you to use our board's test login to access ClassMouse and check it out. Post your comments on this blog (anonymous or not is up to you!). Hearing good or bad feedback is just as valuable. I can't see the board paying for both systems so please tell me which one you like the best and I will take the findings to our Administration to consider. Feel free to download as much of the material as you see fit. Be sure to view it as a teacher and as one of your students. The same link will take you to the STAFF and STUDENT login. Content is important but so ease of use. Check it out!



How do I check out what ClassMouse is all about??

1. Goto
2. Enter Username: Windsor
3. Password: Staff

Don't forget to post your comments here!

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