Thursday, May 1, 2014

RED is the New colour of CYBERBULLYING

Doug Sadler says RED is the new colour of Cyberbullying!  

Actually this blog post is a
complete bogus post.  I am using it as an example for a presentation of the core of most of the Cyberbullying we deal with. We are all now Publishers on the WEB.
 We can say whatever we want.  Our children get that part.  They will say whatever is on their minds and have instant access to a medium to share it with the world.  However, what gets lost on them is the responsibility portion where there is accountability for what is said. Our children have a fundamental difference from their parents and that is the filter between their ears. I am not qualifying that statement to say better or worse but clearly different. They are willing to share just about anything.  Now they are Publishers on the web and with that comes power, vulnerability, and most of responsibility.

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