Saturday, August 9, 2008 - File Storage and Whole Lot More!

It has been awhile since I have written. The main reason would be due to the "fun" summer has to offer. However, I am back today to talk about DROP.IO . Dropio is impressive as it is FREE, EASY and POWERFULL way to share files on the web. Each Dropio dropbox offers 100MB of space. You can have as many as you like! This is not an original idea as there are other sites like it such as dropbox and boxnet. The difference is dropio is simple. You don't need to sign up and the interface is very clean.

Why use Dropio?The main purpose of dropio is to upload files to share, store, or backup. YuThe really neat part is how you can do this. You could simply go to the website and enter in a name (like Unit 1 pics) on the dropio screen and poof you have 100MB of space to store music, word files, videos, or whatever else. You can create as many as you want. So for each name you enter you get a new site and a fresh 100MB. You can password protect your files so you are the only one to access your files.

WEB: Dropio is not just about you saving files but also others. You could allow students or colleagues save files to your dropio area for quick and effiecient data collection.

Widget: Post the dropio widget on your web site, wiki, blog or whatever and visitors can store files to your dropio space! All video and documents can be EMBEDDED on your web site so your material can be accessed without leaving your site.

Keep in Touch: Users can use RSS, SMS, and Email alerts to keep tabs on what material is posted on your dropio files space.

Advanced / Cool Uses:

For those who want to push the limit there are some neat options for you.

Phone: Users can call a number given to you with your site and it will record your message and store it in your dropio drop as an mp3 player. This is podcasting at it's easiest and quickest level. Call in messages, homework assignments, or material which will immediately be available on your drop.

Fax: Users can fax the number assigned to there drop and the fax will be posted on the drop.

Email: Email a message or an attachment which will be posted for all to access. Use a password to restrict who can access the information and who can't!

Twitter: You can have your dropio posts automatically be updated on your twitter account.

Piclens: Your dropio dropbox is coded to work with the PICLENS attachment to your browser of choice. This is an add on that will display your pictures in a fantastic montage accross your screen. A must for anyone who views a lot of images on the web!

So what is the catch? Your dropbox will expire a year from the day it is last used. So if someone accesses your dropbox at least once a year it will last forever.

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Peter F. said...

Thanks for the write-up... much appreciated. Glad to see is spreading to the masses...

-Pete F.

Douglas Sadler said... is a very exciting product. Very simple to use. Easy in and Easy out. I have pages for my kids (5,4,3 years old). The family can easily share pics, notes and voice messages in a password protected environment.

I can see many possibilities for our students.


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